Imagine Music (ages 3 - 5 )

45-Minutes Preschool Ages Music & Movement Activities (Last 15 Minutes with Adults)

Pre-school age children are at a pivotal point in their musical development.  Cycle of Season class will help your child discover the wonder of nature around them from life cycle of dandelion or the magical way the wind carries a leaf up and down and all around. In addition to singing, playing instruments, purposeful movement, imaginary play activities, and focused listening, the children are learning the language of music.   In each class the children echo a series of tonal and rhythm patterns.  These patterns are found in the singing repertoire, and they will be the first patterns the children will learn to read in music notation in the coming Young Musicians classes. 

2018-2019 schedule:  Thursday 9:30 am 

Tuition:  $310.00 ( 15-week sessions per semester)  

Material fee: included in tuition

Fall sessions - Wind Dancer: September - January

Winter sessions-Sun Catcher: February - May 

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